I'm now testing TnCnx for my purposes. It works fairly well so far.
The only issue I have so far is that I#m receiving NUL characters at the 
end of line. For example:

'   Simplified orbitography parameters :'#$D#0#$D#$A' ND 021:23'...

Is this an server issue or could it be related to ICS?
If I use the Demo for TnCnx it stops receiving at the end of this line
while the EmulVT Demo works properly. The problem in the TnCnx (like
it was in my software) is that Len is is longer than this line and
output ends at the NUL. Hyperterm works well here, but I can't see if
it receives the NUL character.
There is a test account at netdis.cls.fr.
username: EVERYONE
password: ARGOS
Please use it only for this verification (if you have the time to).


P.S. I hope I can get hold on a nice card from Berlin Adlershof soon.
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