> I'm having troubles with switching between desktops using the (Ssl)HttpCli
> in a thread with message pump.
> You can't switch between desktops when handles are used.
> So I'm trying to switch between desktops by freeing the client, switch to
> new desktop and recreate the client, but this thread fails to switch to
> another desktop.
> All other threads used are swithing without problems.
> Are there any handles left after freeing the client?

Should be no handle left. But pay attention that if you destroy any control 
with a window handle from a thread which has not created the control, then 
the window handle is /not/destroyed (DestroyWindow fails but usually his 
return value is not checked).

Have a look at Bear utility 
(http://www.geocities.com/the_real_sz/misc/bear_.htm) it can display the 
number of window handles an application use. Very handy to see if they are 
freed when you think.

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