> I am using the latest v5 beta in BDS, using the C++ Builder personality. I
> used the ICSDEL100 project, with the "Generate all C++ Builder files" 
> option.
> I can compile and run applications succesfully in C++ Builder in this
> configuration.
> However, I have two problems:
> 1. In a UDP socket - if I set a breakpoint in the OnDataAvailable() 
> handler
> with the Local Variables window visible, the call to Wsocket.ReceiveFrom()
> fails with return value of -1, and the OnDataAvailable event is never 
> fired
> again. Hiding the local variables window solves this, providing I never
> inspect the socket object (either as a tooltip, or inspect/ watch).
> Any ideas about how the debug inspector cases the socket to fail? Is it
> reasonable to try and fix this?

The debugger call function or property getter to display value and that 
interfere with the normal program operation.

> 2. Unlike C++ Builder 6, I cannot single step into the TWSocket code -
> despite
> all my attempts to include the debug information. Any solutions or insight 
> to
> this would be appreciated.

I think you have to include wsocket.pas into your project to be able to 
single step.

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