I had a problem of not being able to pause the socket in a proxy
type of application, when the client is sending from the local
machine. I tried both Pause() and wsoNoReceiveLoop option. The socket
will eventually pause, but it only happens after a few MByte data
is received.

I might have found the problem of the socket not being paused.
I'm trying both Pause() function and wsoNoReceiveLoop. Pause()
makes sure I'm not interested in read event, and wsoNoReceiveLoop
is suppose to make sure that we break out of the receive loop.
However, the client (receiving) socket won't be able to pause until
a few MBytes of data is received.

This seems to be causing the problem: in the ASynReceive,
the wsoNoReceiveLoop is checked against MySocketOptions, which
is passed in the function and won't change until all data is
received. If we use the member variable FComponentOptions, whose
value can be set in the OnDataReceived handler. This way the
loop can be effectively broken out of.

The reason to use the function argument MySocketOptions instead of
FComponentOptions is that in Do_FD_CLOSE() we want to look through
the data (because there may not be another chance Receive() is called.)

So my quick fix is:

1. use FComponentOptions in ASyncReceive()

procedure TCustomWSocket.ASyncReceive(
            { DLR Honor the socket options being passed as parameters }
            //if wsoNoReceiveLoop in MySocketOptions then
            if wsoNoReceiveLoop in FComponentOptions then

2. In Do_FD_CLOSE(), remove wsoNoReceiveLoop flag in the member

procedure TCustomWSocket.Do_FD_CLOSE(var msg: TMessage);
        FComponentOptions := FComponentOptions - [wsoNoReceiveLoop];
        ASyncReceive(0, FComponentOptions - [wsoNoReceiveLoop]);

Please let me know if you see issues in this fix.
Best regards,

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