Delphi 2007 for Win32 is out. You can get it quickly if you buy on-line.
Physical boxes will be available shortly according to CodeGear. Delphi 2007
for Win32 is already available in english, french, german and japanese.

The latest ICS & MidWare are compatibles with Delphi 2007. Actually Delphi
2007 is a "non-breaking" release. It means you can use BDS2006 source code,
projects, dcu and bpl ! Regarding ICS & MidWare, you simply open the BDS2006
packages, compile and install. Add VC32 directory to your library path. Then
open the BDS2006 project group and recompile all sample applications.

Regarding your own applications, if you use BDS2006, then you probably can
just recompile everything. If you use third party components, they should be
compatible, even if you don't have the source code, you can install BDS2006
bpl's into Delphi 2007. If you use older Delphi versions, you'll be able to
recompile probably with no changes except if you have conditional
compilation checking for version number. D2007 defines VER180 (same as
BDS2006) and VER185 (only D2007.Win32 define it). Just search for VERxyz in
the source code and change it. See to find out the relation
between VERxyz and Delphi versions. I strongly suggest you use IcsDefs into
your own applications and use conditional compilation against DELPHIx_UP or
COMPILEx_UP to trigger code generation. If you upgrade from pre-D7 version,
and use variant data type, you'll have to add variants to your uses.

I had the chance to work for CodeGear and as such I worked with Delphi 2007
for months. I can say that I'm very impressed by the product. CodeGear has
done a huge work in making a fast an reliable product. There is insteresting
enhancement in both the IDE, compiler, debugger and the VCL/RTL. I recommand
upgrading to Delphi 2007 and also to buy "support and maintenance" to get
the version updates (Currently Delphi 2007 is for win32 only. If you buy
"support and maintenance", you'll receive the other personnalities later
(.NET, C++ and C#)).

Have fun !

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