>>> I do not understand who shall handle the WM_TIMER messages?
>>> Currently TIcsWndControl skips message numbers below WM_USER,
>>> do you want to change that? WParam of WM_TIMER can hold a
>>> custom 32 bits value like an object reference.
>> In V5, the component hidden window can handle the message.
>> In V6, TIcsWndControl can handle it. Just a little bit more clever
>> since it is shared by many components.
>> One way is to derive from TIcsWndControl to implement a general timer
>> feature and then modify the inheritence chain for all controls needing
>> timers. This to avoid having timer stuff for all components.
> That's an improvement, no question, however still means one Windows timer
> per instance. Certainly a couple of timers won't be a problem, expecially
> in newer Windows versions, however I have my doubts that creating hundreds
> of timers was a very good idea, if possible at all (NT allowed 16 timers
> per process only).

In V6, this is a single window for all timers in a single thread.
In V5, there is a window for each component and that window is used for the 
So in both cases, there not a single hidden window dedicated to the timers.

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