Sorry if I screw this up, first time asking a question on here.
I have a program that uses a list of WSocket objects, and I have alot
of them. I setup each one and try to connect all at once, the first 10
or so will connect and the rest give me "socket is not connected
(#10057 in Send)". So I stop the exception from showing up by checking
if it's connected first before I send. But the sockets still
disconnect and the error is 10057. I figure that maybe the first 10 I
try to connect to work and the rest just are screwed up (which is very
unlikely) so I try connecting to random servers in the list. Each one
will usually connect, until I get connected to about 10 or so and they
will just disconnect as soon as they connect with error 10057.

Any help on what the problem is or how I could even go about
troubleshooting it will be appreciated.

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