Hello All,

I wonder how could one code an ICS/Windows transparent proxy without NDIS 
for detecting the IP/Port? Let me clarify, since this is a trasnparent 
proxy, users should not need to enter proxy settings into their browsers. 
Therefore, we will need a Layer-4 TCP switch which would route all the port 
80 traffic to our Windows. Now if the switch changes the destination IP, how 
will we at Winsock/ICS level will understand the destination server's IP for 
a basic request like,

GET / HTTP/1.0

without Host header? I know Host header is a must for HTTP/1.1 but not for 
1.0! Perhaps the Layer-4 switch can find a way to route without modifying 
the destination IP(?). I think I asked this before but did not get a real 

Best Regards,


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