I've just managed to update my system with BDS2006 and I am trying to 
get ICS installed correctly within this new IDE, under the C++ identity.

I used the link "Download the latest ICS-V5 Distribution 
<javascript:top.StartDownload('eng', 'arch/ics.zip');> " on the ICS 
website today to get the latest stable sources.

I then proceeded to follow the instructions within the zip file, but 
found a problem about missing OBJ files, starting with ICSLOGGER.OBJ

A quick search through my ICS email archives found a similar query a 
year ago, (see below) however, even with these few posts, I have been 
unable to complete the installation.
Admittedly, it may have something to do with my lack of knowledge with 
BDS2006 and how it works, but either way, I am not getting far.

Somehow, I need it to generate the object files, and all other C++ 
related files so that the IcsBcb100.bdsproj can be built/installed.

Can anyone help with this?


Bevan Edwards wrote:
> Hi Arno,
>>> As someone earlier indicated, I built the ICSDel100 project and then
>>> turned on "Generate All C++Builder files" option, which seems to have
>>> worked alright.
>>> However, if I try to build the ICSBCB100 project, it gives me errors
>>> about mssing .OBJ files.  The first is ICSLOGGER.OBJ, which I found in
>>> the output from the ICSDEL100 project, so I just used that.  But the
>>> next is ICMP.OBJ, which doesn't appear to be anywhere.
>>> Has anyone had any success building this project?
>>> Do we need to build this project?
>> AFAIK if you built the Delphi package with option "Generate All C++Builder
>> files" you should not try to build ICSBCB100 as well. Components will be
>> available on the palette in both BCB and Delphi personality as well. 
>> That's at least what I found thru trial and error. 
> Yes, the components are available for C++Builder projects, so I'll just 
> skip building the ICSBCB100 package.
> The only problem I found was that the "Generate All C++Builder files" 
> option didn't create the *.OBJ files, but "Generate C++ object files" 
> did, so that's alright.
> I usually build my applications with Packages and Dynamic RTL turned 
> off, so that's why I needed the *.OBJ files.
> Regards,
> Bevan

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