I've a TCP connection (simple TWSocket, only one PC may connect) and 
want to implement some keep-alive now. The rest of the application seems 
to work well, but the keepalive killed my whole day now without much 

Currently I'm doing this in the OnSessionAvailable of the server:

Where a is a TWScket descendant:

if not assigned(a) then
   a.dup(...); // here get's the connection assigned

That works.
My protocol is now such that the client sets up a timer when he connects 
to the sever which will send every few seconds a dummy request which the 
server simply has to echo back. The server also has a timer set up in 
the OnSessionConnected method which will check wether a keepalive 
request has been received within the time or not. If not he triggers the 


The other socket of the server still is in the listening state where 
I've left it since he was told to listen.

The client will notice it in its own timer because his keepalive 
requests won't be answered anymore. If the client detects this he starts 
another timer which tries every second to establish a connection to the 
same adress.

This sheme works 1-2 times (pulling out the cable) but then it doesn't 
work anymore because windows sets these sockets to waiting or something 
like this.

What's wrong here? Is the abort and FreeAndNil bad? What I like to 
accomplish is simple: be able to unplug the cable and replug it a few 
seconds later and the connection should be reestablished within a few 
seconds. If the server is already sending data to the client (which got 
lost before, I don't really detect and handle this yet) I'd like to 
receive just the data from the server from the point on the connection 
is okay again. And I'd like to be able to repeat this, means plug out 
the cable again and after replugging it the connection shoudl resume etc.


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