> No, I create the instance in the thread constructor.

Any constructor for TThread class is executed in the context of the creating
[likely main] thread, not the [future] created thread ! The new thread
context exists only at the very beginning of the Execute method. So you must
create any event-driven message based component from the Execute method or
their events will run in the creating [main] thread and cause lot's of
trouble when you access the component from the context of the created

The execution context [thread context] has nothing to do with the fact that
the executed code is part or not of the TThread class. It is only related if
TThread.Execute is in the call stack. This is a frequent error for newbies
in multithreading.

> Must I create instance in Execute method

Yes, you have.

> or deplace listening method in constructor ?

You must too, or in any function/procedure called directly or indirectly
from the Execute method. That is you have the Execute method in the call

If you are unsure about the thread context a given function is run, you may
call GetCurrentThreadID and compare with the value f the same function
called at the very beginning of the Execute method.

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