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>> No idea, I can only see that the send header in
> this case will have
>> the %20 included already.
>> In my Ethereal dump the location-header of the 301-response already
>> has the space, so the server simply tries to redirect to an invalid
>> URL, do we really have to workaround such invalid URLs in
> the THttpCli?
> That is my point:  that it is not a transport
> protocol issue, but a client application issue.  URLs
> should be either URL-encoded by automatically prior
> to _any_ request by the component; independently by
> the application; or ignored as invalid.  But I do not
> think there should be a special case for invalid URLs
> in redirect responses, with spaces.

Agreed, so we need a FAST routine. URLEncode currently
isn't smart enough to encode a complete URL, and it is
slow (result := result + ..)

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

>    -dZ.
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