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>  >>> Agreed, so we need a FAST routine. URLEncode
> currently
>>> isn't smart enough to encode a complete URL, and it is
>>> slow (result := result + ..)
>> Next question is how smart should such a routine act?
>> Should it check for a valid URL in general or shall it
>> just check for valid encoding?
>> Should it auto-complete incomplete as well as
> auto-correct
>> invalid URLs like IE? When you start thinking about
> this stuff
>> the routine in mind becomes slower and slower :(
>> Making URLEncode faster is probably enough for
>> the component. Checking valid
>> URL and autocomplete is another thing.
> I don't know if this is what Arno had in mind with
> the validation, but as I mentioned before, there is
> one more catch:  what if the application encoded the
> URL to begin with?  
> Then all percent symbols will be
> re-encoded and the URL mangled.  For this reason you
> either need to unencode-reencode (slow!), or check
> for encoding and only encode if necessary.

RFC2396 sounds rather complicated: 

" 2.4.2. When to Escape and Unescape

   A URI is always in an "escaped" form, since escaping or unescaping a
   completed URI might change its semantics.  Normally, the only time
   escape encodings can safely be made is when the URI is being created
   from its component parts; each component may have its own set of
   characters that are reserved, so only the mechanism responsible for
   generating or interpreting that component can determine whether or
   not escaping a character will change its semantics. Likewise, a URI
   must be separated into its components before the escaped characters
   within those components can be safely decoded. "

( http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2396.html )

We probably have to bind encoding to function ParseUrl() somehow.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

>     -dZ.
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