While the discussion for the urlencode on autorelocate is going nicely :-) I 
also have a small remark to make about the cookie property.

Currently the following is done when a cookie is received
        else if Field = 'set-cookie' then begin
            bAccept := TRUE;
            TriggerCookie(Data, bAccept);

would it not be beter to save the recieved cookie somewhere in the httpcli 
component? I believe that this cookie-property is the only received property 
that is not feed back into the component when recieved.

Currently I handle this in the oncookie event but that means that I have 
extra variables laying around for every httpcli component I use and i really 
not like that. It's a kind of weird that after a get or post I need to 
access on variable to see the real returned cookie value.

I have the code available so i can propose the change but would like to see 
some comments on the basic idea first

Kind regards,


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