From: "Francois PIETTE"
> Normally, cookies are managed by the application. It is not always that
> simple because of path and expiration. You can have a lot of cookies 
> grabbed
> from one or even several URL while redirecting. So you should really write
> some manager code to have cookies somewhat persistant. That's why the 
> event
> pass the cookie thru an event and do not store it in the component.
> Note that you can derive your own HTTP component from ICS component and 
> add
> the storage or manager you like. In my opinion, it is better to write a
> separate class for cookie management and link that class to your HTTP
> component. A cookie manager component would be a nice addon to ICS :-)

Yes, deriving would be an option, did not think about that one. But just 
recently I came across some weird and wonderful websites that did 
non-standard thinks to the cookie, so far for bad excuses :-)

How would you add to the current httpcli (v6) component a cookie-manager in 
a non code breaking manner as the current cookie is defined as a string?

I'm willing to spend time on writing a rudimentary manager as this would add 
more value the your component and it's a nice way to contribute something 
other then the postcard :-) 

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