From: "Francois PIETTE"
>>> Note that you can derive your own HTTP component from ICS component and
>>> add
>>> the storage or manager you like. In my opinion, it is better to write a
>>> separate class for cookie management and link that class to your HTTP
>>> component. A cookie manager component would be a nice addon to ICS :-)
>> How would you add to the current httpcli (v6) component a cookie-manager
>> in
>> a non code breaking manner as the current cookie is defined as a string?
> Write a TCookieManager component.
> Create a new property CookieManager in the HTTP component.
> At design time, link the cookie manager component to the http component.
> In the http component, when a cookie is received and the cookie manage is
> assigned, the HTP component call the appropriate methods in the cookie
> manager. The same when a request is sent: if cookie manager is assigned, 
> the
> http component request the cookie manager to get the cookie list to add to
> the request.
Nice, agreed. I will add this to my list. As soon as a first version is 
available I will post it here.

For all readers, if you can think of any cookiemanager functions etc, just 
list them and I'll see what I can do.


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