however the server obviously didn't call Data.ShutDown(1)
for some reason?

One reason you could no see the shutdown packet is that the receiver
stopped to receive data and the TCP window is full.

How would that be logged? I've nothing noted like that.

See attached LanWatch screendump. It shows decoded headers. I've put a square around the window size. In the screen dump, you can see 3 parts: a the top, a list of captured packets, with one packet selected. In the middle the headers for the selected packet and at the bottom, the binbary dump for the packet. You can easily scroll thru the packet list and see the two details windows updated. While capturing, you see the packet list updated real time. You can setup filters to capture only what you need and you can capture to a file for later analysys.

(I don't use Ethereal, I use LanWatch which nicely show data captured
and decoded headers).

Is that opensource/freeware as well?

No, it is a commercial program ($695), quite old but I like it and use it for something like 10 years now. It is a very capable program. You can find more infos at

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