On Apr 23, 2007, at 14:52, Arno Garrels wrote:

> What needs to be changed is the fact that component users currently 
> cannot
> correct a badly formed (Location) header line.
> If I use the THttpCli just to connect to my own servers I don't need 
> the
> overhead of any smart check because I can be sure that my servers 
> always
> send well formed headers.
> Anyway something needs to be done.

That is true, and I agree.  The User needs to have access to change it 
if he doesn't trust the server.  That is why I originally mentioned 
that if a developer has the need to validate redirection URLs because 
he doesn't trust the source, then he should *not* use FollowRedirect 
(as things start right now, since there is no access).  The alternative 
would be to give the user access to the URL when automatic redirections 
are in place, via a new event.  However, Francois had mentioned that 
the component should do it itself, and in that case a smart check is 
required (as opposed to the simple space substitution), but it should 
be an optional feature enabled by a flag.


        DZ-Jay [TeamICS]

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