I have an application which is basically a modified version of the tthrdsrv
application which works except for the following.


In the tTcpSrvForm.WsocketClientConnect (Main Thread)


I add a tTabSheet to a tPageControl for each connection which works ok.


In tTcpSrvForm.WSocketClientDisconnect I remove the TabSheet from the
tPageControl when the connection finishes.


After this randomly sometimes the tTcpSrvForm.WSocketClientConnect will hang
the Application; other time tcpSrvForm.WSocketClientDIsconnect will hang the
Application but not when adding or removing the TabSheets.


The reason I think it's something to do with the tTabSheet is that if  I
don't remove the tTabSheet's in tcpSrvForm.WSocketClientDIsconnect it always
works just adding TabSheets.


Is this the correct place to add and remove the tab sheets as its in the
main thread I think. Or should I do it a different way.





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