HI All,


I have a modified version of the Clidemo. 


My ThrdSrv streams objects to my Clidemo which recreates them on the fly.


As I receive them I display information in the displaymemo and write them to
a DBISAM database which works if I run it from the IDE.


I have two problems:-


I have a disconnect button which I can't use until the server stops sending
data and the client has received it all. (Or anything on the form for that


The 2nd problem is that if I run the program outside of the IDE the program
will randomly stop responding but its still receiving data from the server.

I know this because as soon as all the data is sent by the server the
program will start responding and even though I might have displayed 5000
lines in the displaymemo the last one is shown straight away.


I know I cant use Application.ProcessMessages.


What is the best way to give the form some usage and where should I put it?





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