Hello Maurizio,

OK  thanks  i'll look at it. My need is very basic as it is only to be
sure to download a file from specific URL, so no script envolved.

I  think it can be done with regexp (or basic '*' masked string search
routine) on exception list, getting all IP attached to network card(s)
(with  netmask) and excluding proxy if IP is inside any of the mask of
the IP(s).


>> Hello,
>> It  is  easy  to  detect  IE Proxy's settings and retrieve its IP:Port
>> values  to  put them into HTTPCli, but managing the options "do no use
>> for  local  addresses" and proxy exception's list to decide if HHTPCli
>> has to use proxy or not need a bit more development.

ML> It could be more complicated than that, for example if a script is involved.

>> Can  HTTPCli follow IE settings automatically ? or do somebody already
>> implemented such function ?

ML> Look at ProxyInfo component (I'm the author) on user made ics web page. It 
ML> help  you to detect which proxy parameters should be used for a specific 
ML> It doesn't cover all situation (for example if an url is local or not) but
ML> should cover most common situations.

ML> Bye, Maurizio.

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