Hello Arno,

Ouch...true ! I downloaded it 20 dec 2006 but forgot to install it !


AG> Dod wrote:
>> Hello Arno,
>> I don't have OverbyteIcsWinsock2.pas unit in my ICS V6 installation...

AG> Then you are using an old version. The unit also includes a function
AG> to get systems interface list easily.

AG> --
AG> Arno Garrels [TeamICS]
AG> http://www.overbyte.be/eng/overbyte/teamics.html

>> Before  I  need some network oriented function, I usually first try to
>> look  around  ICS  sources because there are a lot of usefull internal
>> functions already implemented, FileMD5 or ParseURL are two examples of
>> functions I was about to do myself that I found inside ICS.
>> regards.
>> AG> Dod wrote:
>>>> Next  time i'll see Bill Gates, I'll ask him to implement some
>>>> Wininet IsLocalAddr function !
>> AG> Possibly usefull: ICS v6 function WSocket2IsAddrInSubNet in
>> OverbyteIcsWinsock2.pas? 
>> AG> --
>> AG> Arno Garrels [TeamICS]
>> AG> http://www.overbyte.be/eng/overbyte/teamics.html
>>>> regards.
>>>>>> OK  thanks  i'll look at it. My need is very basic as it is only
>>>>>> to be sure to download a file from specific URL, so no script
>>>>>> envolved. 
>>>> ML> A script could be involved if "Automatic detect settings" is
>>>> set, and is ML> involved if "Use automatic configuration script" is
>>>> set. 
>>>>>> I  think it can be done with regexp (or basic '*' masked string
>>>>>> search routine) on exception list, getting all IP attached to
>>>>>> network card(s) (with  netmask) and excluding proxy if IP is
>>>>>> inside any of the mask of the IP(s).
>>>> ML> This could work for local addresses.
>>>> ML> But if you have more than one interface (real NIC, emulated NIC
>>>> or dial-up) the ML> problem is that you should detect which
>>>> interface will be used to reach a ML> specific IP, since each dial-
>>>> up has it own proxy settings while there are only ML> one for the
>>>> LAN. 
>>>> ML> I never had this situation so I delayed to "solve" it :-)
>>>> ML> Bye, Maurizio.
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