Hello Entelone,

>   sending this to the TWSocket on the client application? Should the
>   rows be appended together into 1 large string and then seperated by
>   the client? Should the rows be sent individually? Or what?

In fact it does not matter. It purely depents on your application and
what exacly you want to optimize. From TCP point of view the best
network performance is with a full MTU. That is 1514 bytes minus the TCP
headers. The Nagle algoritm inside Winsock will therefore, if you send
smaller packets, wait a while to see if you want to send a next packet,
so that he can concatenate until a full MTU can be send.

So if you send a packet, and when WSocket has delivered it to Winsock
and then next packet, then sure mister Nagle will concatenate it. So I
should do the easy and:
- Send first line
- in OnDataSent send next line

A litle protocol is also handy, for example let the receiver know what
he get (handy for future changes), also how many lines, and where to
start (handy when connection break).

Rgds, Wilfried [TeamICS]

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