Hello all

I´m using the latest ICS 6 Beta and I have noticed one strange behavour on 
twscoket client (that I think may be something on windows sockets problem).

I have made a test and I tryied to open 16 simultaneous connection to my own 
machine (The server is made using TWSocketServer) and sometimes (NOT Always, 
but frequently) one or two connection fails, but it doesn´t really fails, it´s 
socket state is wsConnecting (And if we see on the server the connection is 
really connected) but I don´t receive the OnSessionConnected nor 
OnSessionClosed event never, so, the connection just keep as wsConnecting and 
never gets out from this state, this is very bad because on my software I need 
to make reconnection if I loose the connection or can´t connect to the host, 
but I´m starting a reconnection on the OnSessionClosed event, but this event is 
never triggered to me and the software simply stop working because it will not 
reconnect to the host

Have you ever see this kind of problem?

Éric Fleming Bonilha
Digifort - Sistema de Segurança Digital
+55 (11) 4226.2386
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