At 11:12 10/06/2007 +0200, Arno Garrels wrote:
>There's also a component available based on ICS that makes such transfer 
>jobs very easy:

Thanks everyone. However, I failed installing MagXFer:
1. As it says to use ICS V5, I uninstalled V6 Beta, and installed V5 
Distribution, then compiled/installed MagentaSubs successfully, but failed 
installing MagXFer: "[Fatal Error]  Magxfer7.dpk(38): Unit magftp was 
compiled with a different version of FtpCli.TFtpClient"

2. Next, after uninstalling V5 Distribution and reinstalling V6 Beta, 
MagentaSubs installed OK, but when installing MagXFer: "Registration 
procedure, Magftp.Register in package c:\program
files\borland\delphi7\Projects\Bpl\magxfer7.bpl raised exception class 
EFilerError: A class named TFtpClient
already exists."

I'll check the site for more information.

Thank you

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