I wonder how would Delphi guys evaluate the correctness of the below in 



function send; external;
[DllImport(winsocket, SetLastError = False, EntryPoint = 'sendto')]
function sendto; external;
[DllImport(winsocket, SetLastError = False, EntryPoint = 'recv')]

In what namespace are these defined? And what would the impact be when the 
namespaces are flattened by BCB? I think it would b e easier if we simply 
make them:

function sendWSock; external;
[DllImport(winsocket, SetLastError = False, EntryPoint = 'sendto')]
function sendtoWSock; external;
[DllImport(winsocket, SetLastError = False, EntryPoint = 'recv')]

and rename in the code calling instead of trying to modify all function 
calls to WSocket.Send()!

Any objection or idea?



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Now I'm not sure if I had to call send directly. But I had a derived class
and I set the classid. I got the same error as you when compiling. When I
removed the classid or made the the derived component in Delphi instead of
in C++ the error went away.

I got this error when upgrading from V5 to V6. I used SSL also but I'm not
sure if this has anything to do with it. I think this was the V6 awailable
about 6 months ago. I'm still using the same sources now. The version of
OverbyteIcsWinsock.pas I have now is 1.00.

Regards Bjørnar

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