Francois Piette wrote:
>> It's both machines that limit the connections with my server,
>> but the source server example works just fine.
> Not sure I understand...
> Do you mean the sample program delivered with ICS works OK but the code you
> wrote yourself is limited in the number of connections ?
Yes. Exactly.

I added my stuff to the ProcessData procedure, and added some variables to the 
  TTcpSrvClient = class(TWSocketClient) def.

Even if I update your orig server to include the new vars in   TTcpSrvClient = 
class(TWSocketClient), your server works, mine does not.

Looking through the searchable list, I tried increasing ListenBacklog from 5 to 
100, and my server now accepts 100 connections. Great.

What does ListenBacklog do?

I am using Turbo Delphi 2006, and the help system is just as crappy as D2005.


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