Hi, everybody!

Could someone shed some light on the proper anonymous FTP login
specification? All I could find about it is the RFC 1635, but it is dated
1994 and looks a little bit obsolete. I have been told that today most of
programs (servers) implement anonymous FTP login in a different ways:
1) empty login and password;
2) login Anonymous and empty password;
3) login Anonymous and password anonftp;

Actually I don't have any ready-made client FTP program which allows
me to leave the login and password fields empty. Of course, ICS
FTP-client may do everything I want (regarding the sources is available, so
I can patch the place where UserName is checked for emptiness),
but what is the proper way?

I'd like to get a link to some "official" documentation about this, if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Best wishes,
Stanislav Korotky.
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