> I figure that it's v 6.0 that is compatible with Delphi.net?

There was also a V5 compatible, but it has not been maintened. You can find
on Delphi companion CD or at http://cc.codegear.com.
V6 is totally different regarding .NET: V6 is single source for both Win32
and .NET. I have updated it recently but it is not yet available for
download (I'm working on it for Highlander). I can send you a snap shot of
my sources if you need that latest one. Just ask.

> Does anyone know how to generate the dll so it can be
> used by VS2005 or have a link to further information about it?
> Is it a simple "compile to .net library" or is it far more to it?

As far as I know, you just have to build an "assembly" using Delphi.NET and
you can then immediately use it in other environments such as VC.

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