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> Fastream Technologies wrote:
>> Arno,
>> I think you misunderstood. For each folder listing record (file or
>> folder in Windows, plus links in UNIX) in FTP, the FTP server GETs
>> the permissions 
>>> from the system for display purposes. This is not for CHMOD setting,
>>> this is 
>> for folder listings.
> Anyway,  
>> Please tell me how will I get the read/write/execute permissions from
>> the AD for each folder without attempting each operation. There must
>> be a practical way!
> I use these Windows API functions:
> GetNamedSecurityInfo()
> MapGenericMask()
> AccessCheck()

Do you call these with impersonation enabled/on?



> Anyway, I don't know how to translate the resulting mask to unix format,
> also there's no reliable way to get the effective rights of users without
> having the user access token, even XP shows sometimes nonsense effektive
> rights of not logged on users.  

Sad. :( Maybe a fix for this on Vista/2008Server?


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