I'm using the latest ICS and BCB2006 to test the ftp server demo.
When attempting to connect to the server from another PC using
filezilla it throws an exception in the OnAuthenticate event.  I've
narrowed it down and here is what makes it go pop:

void __fastcall TFtpServerForm::FtpServer1Authenticate(TObject *Sender,
      TFtpCtrlSocket *Client, TFtpString &UserName, TFtpString &Password,
      bool &Authenticated)
      String s = UserName;   <--------- Bang!

I'm unable to trace into the Pascal source for some reason.

I'm connecting using passive mode.  FTP component property values are:

 object FtpServer1: TFtpServer
    Addr = ''
    Port = '10021'
    Banner = '220 ICS FTP Server ready'
    UserData = 0
    MaxClients = 50
    PasvIpAddr = ''
    PasvPortRangeStart = 10050
    PasvPortRangeSize = 50
    Options = []

Any ideas what's causing this?


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