> But am I corret in thinking it is only defined when I
> recompile the ICS components and not in my app itself?

Wrong. Define NOFORMS in /your/ application project.

>> Correct, that won't work of course. In your ThreadProc create the
>> and call GetMessage(), TranslateMessage() and DispatchMessage in a loop.
>> Anything else can either be done from the ICS events, or from handlers of
>> custom messages posted to Thread, i.e. to stop or start the server etc.

>I still have to call GetMessage(), TranslateMessage() and
>DispatchMessage even with NOFORMS defined?

Yes you have. Those API calls are to create a message pump. Delphi/BCB
create such a message pump for you in all GUI applications but don't create
one in console mode applications nor in any thread so you have to create
your own.

There are sample console mode, service, and DLL program delivered with
ICS-V5. If you are using ICS-V6, you can still use those sample programs
probably just by changing the unit names in the uses clause (prefix with

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