Hello Clément,

> I searched some examples, but most of them use LineMode and LineLimit. I'm 
> afraid
> that's not an option.

Wy is that not an option ? What is the problem with it ? Just terminate
your data with a charcter that cannot be in the data itself and your
whole problem is solved.

>     // here I expect "Len" <= BufSize. If it's equal than "may be" there's 
> more to
>     // read. How can I be sure? Does ICS have some internal flag ?

You cannot. ICS also cannot have a flag. Data can be somwhere on the
way or send may send some more data. winsock cannot know what sender

>     if Len = 0 then begin
>        // Something happened!! What?

Winsock does not like to let us receive data, so exit the event.

>     if Len=-1 then begin
>        // Seems to be the end of a long string. Once len = -1, can

No it is not a long string. -1 is an error. just exit the event.

>     // Now the problem:
>     // I must cache the received zBuf
>     FRcvBuf := FRcvBuf+ string(zBuf);
>     // If we read all the data, we display it

If you have a problem with linemode, the send first the length of the
data you want to send. then receiver has length and can concatenate all
data packets until it is same as the length.

Rgds, Wilfried [TeamICS]

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