Hello Olivier,

I dont have the demo at hand. But if all your clients are executing in
same thread context you do not have to lock things between the clients

Rgds, Wilfried [TeamICS]

Thursday, September 27, 2007, 14:59, Olivier Sannier wrote:

> Hi,

> I have written my own message pump for my project so that I can do 
> additional processing inside the execute method of the thread.
> I based my code on what ThrdSrvV2 is showing but moved on to having 
> multiple sockets per threads instead of one thread per client like what
> the demo is doing.
> Initially, I kept the "Lock/Unlock" mechanism that can be seen in 
> TClientThread.Execute but I'm now seriously considering removing it 
> permanently as, in my case, it sometimes triggers deadlocks when I have
> two clients connecting simultaneously.
> My first tests without this locking mechanism, but still with the server
> class waiting for the client to be attached before going on shows that
> it works without any problem and that the deadlock is gone.
> Can anyone tell me what the exact reasons for this lock/unlock step are
> and if I have missed a case where it is absolutely required to have or
> if I can simply remove it and live with that?

> Thanks for the help

> Regards
> Olivier

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