To All,

I have inherited an application that uses UDP to communicate between a
DLL (previously 16-bit) and a 32-bit EXE.  A long time ago we saw a
problem with Windows 98 where the fairly rapid opening and closing of
sockets resulted in lost handles.  This appeared to be a defect in the
Winsock under Windows 98.  The same code under Windows 2000 did not
produce any lost handles.

Time passed and we have been upgrading our software, though the same
interface still exists except that it is now a 32-bit DLL sending
commands UDP to the same 32-bit EXE now under Windows XP.
Unfortunately, we have found the same scenario where handles are lost.
This appears to be related to Winsock not properly dealing with sockets
that are opened and closed rather quickly.  Seems silly to me, but that
is our observations.

The DLL is using v5.15 of ICS.

My questions are:
1) Has anyone seen this behavior before?
2) Are there any fixes within ICS?
3) Is there any workaround to get Winsock to flush resources associated
with sockets that have been free'd?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Mitch Mallough
Principal Engineer
Hamilton Sundstrand

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