> > Close() ultimately calls Shutdown(1) -- so
wouldn't it have the same
> > effect?
> As I recall not exacly the same. Close calls
Shutdown(1) and close the
> socket. If you call Shutdown(1) the socket will not
be immediatly close,
> but if there is still some data it will be send,
and the other end will
> tell it is ready to close when receiving the data.
Then the socket will
> be closed by winsock (and OnSessionClosed is then

Aha! Ok, I understand now.  I'll look deeper in the
TWSocket code to understand it better, but I get the

> > I thought the buffer
> > was cleared when read (ReceivedStr property), or
am I wrong?
> Yes it is. If OnDataAvailable is called when you
call close (with some
> data) then the other end has send some data, or
there is somewhere a
> re-entrance problem (somewhere calling the message

And this perhaps is the problem, because it seems to
be re-entering without receiving new data.  I'll
check my code to see if I'm stupidly calling the
message pump somewhere else (I probably am).


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