--QUOTE: Arno Garrels
It's the latter, however the point when V6 has been
split from the common base is already some years back
and hard to restore. There will be no new features in
V5 so merging between V5 and V6 is most likely not
required. Also revision numbers are incremented for
the entire project/repository. But I could very well
live with both in the same repository as well,
locally I also treat them as two different projects. 
-- END.

Ok, I understand.  I was thinking that perhaps code
fixes done to V6 may need to be merged with V5 for
maintenance and legacy support, but I'm not sure if
that will be case since the code may be so much

About the revision numbers, do not think of them as
version numbers -- they are _not_ -- they represent
the revision number of the repository, and do not
relate to any specific file, project or module; and
in this, SVN is different than CVS and other version
control systems.  Project version numbers are usually
maintained by tagging:  You create a new "Tag" and
call it "ICS_v6.5" or whatever (and add a log note
specifying the revision number from where it was
created, for reference).  This marks a specific
milestone or point in time in the repository as
belonging to that version.

The revision numbers are for internal repository use
and code maintenance and administration; and they
identify merely a change to the repository, not even
which files where changed (although this is available
in the revision log).  SVN does not make any
distinction between files, directories, projects, etc
-- all those things are for the developer's
convenience.  To SVN, the repository is one big file
stream, so adding a directory or a project means
nothing but a change to the repository (like a diff
patch), which increments its revision number.

This is a very subtle point, but it is very important
when dealing with SVN.  Therefore, it makes no
difference if all projects exist in the same
repository or not, as long as your file organization
is coherent.


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