So far, the closest thing to your "PostcardWare"
License that I have found is this:

The Educational Community License

It grants all the same rights that your license does,
and has a provision to prevent confusion between
derivative works and the original (i.e. modified
versions cannot be claimed to be the original).

The only thing missing is the postcard condition :)


>------- Original Message -------
>From    : Francois
>Sent    : 10/8/2007 2:59:47 PM
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>Subject : RE: [twsocket] ICS on SourceForge, which
license is best ?
 >I would like to have your opinion about which
license I should select at 
SourceForge ( ). I have
not much 
time to read all possible licenses.

You all know the current license displayed in each
source file (see below 
for reminder). I would like to stay as close as
possible to this simple 

Basically, I want to preserve my intellectual
property while granting anyone 
to use and redistribute ICS source code, including in
applications and royalty free.

Legal issues: Copyright (C) 1996-2007 by Fran├žois PIETTE
              Rue de Grady 24, 4053 Embourg, Belgium.
Fax: +32-4-365.74.56
              <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

              This software is provided 'as-is',
without any express or
              implied warranty.  In no event will the
author be held liable
              for any  damages arising from the use
of this software.

              Permission is granted to anyone to use
this software for any
              purpose, including commercial
applications, and to alter it
              and redistribute it freely, subject to
the following

              1. The origin of this software must not
be misrepresented,
                 you must not claim that you wrote
the original software.
                 If you use this software in a
product, an acknowledgment
                 in the product documentation would
be appreciated but is
                 not required.

              2. Altered source versions must be
plainly marked as such, and
                 must not be misrepresented as being
the original software.

              3. This notice may not be removed or
altered from any source

              4. You must register this software by
sending a picture 
                 to the author. Use a nice stamp and
mention your name, 
                 address, EMail address and any
comment you like to say.

The author of the freeware multi-tier middleware MidWare
The author of the freeware Internet Component Suite (ICS) 

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