--- QUOTE: Arno Garrels
This is untested code. Also FThreadList has to be
made public. Note that OnMessage would fire in
different thread contexts but a single handler for
all is fine. Hope this helps.
--- END.

I'll look into it.

--- QUOTE: Arno Garrels
I think it isn't very fast, I tested once with some
stress clients and many concurrent connections
successfully over many hours until that point it
looked stable. In any case I won't use
multi-threading if not absolutely necessary, simply
because it's easier to code and to debug.
TWSocketServer can handle many hundreds of concurrent
connections in a single thread.
--- END.

Then I'm wondering if I should use TWSocketServer
instead.  Pardon my ignorance, as I haven't used the
server components before and generally ignore any
messages about them on this list, but would you (or
Francois) say that its performance is good while
handling potentially hundreds of concurrent
connections?  In actually, I don't expect my service
application to serve more than 100 to 200 concurrent
connections (and that's in an extreme case, perhaps
once a month for a few hours).

   Thanks for all your help.

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