>>> connecting 2 LAN's thru internet gateway
>>> Is this possible ?
>> Of course :-)
>>> An idea's ?
>> Unless I don't correctly understand what you need, it is simply a pair of
>> routers having a VPN type connection between. This would be at layer 3
>> (IP).
>> A remote bridge would also make it at layer 2 (Ethernet).

> it should be a secure connection - no VPN.
> The gateway must have the ability to check the communication content if
> needed.

You can develop such a remote bridge using ICS:
1) The system is made of two similar parts: one at each end of the 
2) You use packet monitoring components (ICS socket in RAW mode or 
http://www.magsys.co.uk/delphi/magmonsock.asp) to capture packet on the LAN 
at layer 2.
3) You filter and then forward the packet to the second system thru an SSL 
socket using ICS-SSL
4) The received packets are sent to the second LAN

When working at layer 2, both LAN must be on the same IP subnet.
You can also work at layer 3, which is just a little bit different because 
you analyse each packet to find out destination IP address to see if they 
must be forwarded or not according to routing rules configured.

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