I am using Delphi 2 c/s. I also got the "cannot assign to a read-only  
property" error when installing cslogger.pas. I found the following  
fix in one of the threads:

"You can remove the offending line and /ADD/ the following two lines at the
beginning of InternalOpenLogFile, just after InternalCloseLogFile:

     if (FLogFileOption = lfoOverwrite) and FileExists(FLogFileName) then

Now I get a fatal 'actual and formal var parameter must be identical'  
error in wsocket.pas at line:

Status := WSocket_WSAIoctl(FHSocket,      SIO_KEEPALIVE_VALS,
                                @KeepAliveIn,  SizeOf(KeepAliveIn),
                                @KeepAliveOut, SizeOf(KeepAliveOut),
                                BytesReturned, nil, nil);

Any suggestions?

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