> Hello
> I'm using the ICS and Delphi 4 to test the mail-send demo on an
> system with Win98SE. When attempting to connect to the mailserver it
> throws the winsock error 'Invalid Parameter' (10022). Causing this
> the version of the winsock-dll? Installed: ws2_32.dll / 4.10.2222
> On an XP-system it works fine.
> Any ideas to solve that problem ? (Not changing the System ;-))

Try to set a breakpoint in WSocket.pas, 
procedure TCustomWSocket.Connect and single step thru the code.
Then please post the line where the exception is fired.

BTW: What happens if you remove FD_ACCEPT from FSelectEvent below?
I'm sure this has been removed some months before but now it's back
in my V6-version again, is it a regression?  

FSelectEvent := FD_READ   or FD_WRITE or FD_CLOSE or
                FD_ACCEPT or FD_CONNECT;
iStatus      := WSocket_Synchronized_WSAASyncSelect(FHSocket, Handle,

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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