Hi DAve,
Does the site use an HTTP login (ie via a dialog from your browser) or
via a form (you enter information into a webpage). If it's the
latter, then
a) you'll need to submit the password information
correctly and
b) it's likely the site is using cookies to track the user


D> Hello,

D> I'm attempting to use THTTPCli to automatically logon and retrieve 
D> (share price) data from a website to which I am registered.

D> Logging on to the website is fine, I am returned the 'member's area HTTP
D> page. From there I then request the (known) url of the next page to get
D> to the download link. At this point I get the 'URL not found' page. I 
D> know the url is correct becasue I simply copied it from when I manually
D> access the website. Is there something I must reset on the THttpCli 
D> object when I change the URL ?

D> Many thanks for anyones help/suggestions. If more info is required, 
D> please let me know

D> Dave

http://smallphry.com - The diary of my layout build.
Southern English, 1980s, N gauge with DCC control.

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