I just realized that if I close a listening
TWSocket component (to stop listening), it reverts
all defaults, including the listening port and
address, so that if I want to start listening again,
it will fail (unless I set the port).

   Although I can very easily work around this, I was
just wondering why this is done?  It seems to me that
stopping a listening server from listening should not
reset all its application-specific properties
(specially the port and address).

   And it even occurs to me that its
counter-intuitive to how most of the ICS components
work:  if you were using the component on a form, and
configured it at design time (which, by the way, I
don't do), then if you ever closed the socket you
won't be able to listen again.

   Perhaps there is a valid reason for it, I just
want to understand it.

P.S. I'm sorry if I have been asking a lot of
questions about the same components lately, but I'm
trying to get acquainted with the lower level
TWSocket component.

DZ-Jay [TeamICS]

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