there may be also another problem: afaik windows xp 32bit has only 64K
handle numbers for windows available. this problem also occurs if you have a
lot of apps open, ie. 2 browsers with a lot of tabs, and the "the bat"
email client which uses a lot of handles, also some instances of
winrar and explorer.
if that condition occurs you cannot open a new window even if you have
plenty of ram available, it may be that you open an explorer window
and a part is completely gray.
you can use taskmanager to see the number of handles a process uses
(in the view menu).

FT> Hello,

FT> What about increasing WH_MSG_MAX to 1000 from 100? Isn't this suppose to
FT> reduce this problem by creating less number of hidden windows? I know that
FT> it would be slower for the for loop to find the message but there seems to
FT> be no other way to support 10k users, wrong?

FT> Thanks,


FT> On 1/1/08, Francois PIETTE <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> > Please see .
>> Basically, it shows error #8 when creating a window.
>> > This occurs
>> > when I run the service with "attach to process" and with full debug
>> > information. There are 8000-10000 clients connected. Optimizations on.
>> > What
>> > could be the reason?
>> According to MSDN, error #8 is "not enough memory".
>> > I configured for 512 clients (plus 512 thttpcli's)
>> > for each reverse proxy thread. Is this too much? What is the ideal
>> > clients/thread ratio? How can I support 10k clients? I have 2GB RAM.
>> Add more RAM.
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