There is a new release of the ICS V6 FTP client and server components
today, a zip may be downloaded from the ICS page at my web site:

There are various new bug fixes in the December changes.

OverbyteIcsWSocketS has new Disconnect(Client) and DisconnectAll

OverbyteIcsStreams has a bug fix to stop a permanent loop condition.

The FTP client now uses a TFileStream to download or upload a temporary
Mode Z file instead of TMemoryStream, which on high band connections is
up to 20 times faster (not using Fastmm4). 

The FTP client test program now supports bandwidth restriction, which can
be useful for testing on a LAN where things happen so fast. 

The FTP server passive port pool now allocates ports sequentially instead
of immediately re-using the same ports, which seems to be more firewall

The new SocketServer based FTP server has some missing functionality
added and should now be the same standard as the existing FTP server, but
I've not yet used in my commercial applications.

Arno's new FTP server that listens on multiple IP addresses and ports
simultaneously has been added to this distribution, and has fixes from
the original FTP server rolled in.  


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