Hello Markus,

Fragmentation has nothing to do with ICS, it is IP issue and you cannot
influence it. I think if you send packets smaller than MTU then chance
is lower that you get fragmentation. Also I think on a busy network
chance is higher. But what is the problem? Wy take the risk? Just
concatenate  received packeds in case you don't have the complete one.

Rgds, Wilfried [TeamICS]

Wednesday, January 30, 2008, 21:17, Markus Humm wrote:

> Hello,

> since the device I want to talk to does only support sending back the 
> UDP answerts to a predefined IP thus requiring a fixed IP adress on PC
> side I have to experiment with TCP now.

> I originally used UDP because it's fragmentation free because behind the
> device I'm talking to sits another one which actually gets the data I 
> send but doesn't accept any fragmentation.

> The vendor of the device I'm talking to now suggested I use TCP to get
> rid of my fixed IP and that he's also using ICS and doesn't get 
> fragmentation (assuming max. bytes sent < MTU which is the case here as
> well).

> So what about TCP fragmentation now? How often does it occur in this 
> situation? Is it less likely to occur on a lan than on some internet 
> connection? Can I influence it in any way?

> I'm using ICS V5 (the one on the partner DVD of Rad Studio 2007).

> Greetings

> Markus

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