Stupid I am...I was using "if Error=0" (and I have a variable called
Error somewhere in the program) instead of "if ErrCode=0".

D> Hello,

D> I  use ICSv6, and do .Connect using standard TWSocket component server
D> but inside OnSessionConnected the ErrCode is #122 instead of 0.

D> If   I   don't   care   about   ErrCode   code  and  do  .Send  inside
D> OnSessionConnected  as usual, then UDP buffer seems correctly sent and
D> is received as it should by UDP server.

D> Error  code  #122  is  not  a  Winsock error but a Windows one telling
D> something about not enought space in buffer used to do a system call.

D> Any idea ?

D> Regards.

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