Hello Skok,

I don't really know what the problem is but I think you do something
too complicated...

A simple .Send to is enought, then OnDataSent do a .Close

why use a TTimer ?

ST> I'm trying to create application that would run on multiple machines. 
ST> This application has to know IP addresses of all other machines running 
ST> same software.
ST> I'm trying to do something like discovery on network. Protocol I decided 
ST> to use for discovery is UDP. On mailing list I already saw, that only 
ST> one TWSocket component
ST> can be used for receiving and sending data. So, I wrote following code 
ST> for listening:

ST> UDPSocket.Proto :='udp';
ST> UDPSocket.Addr :='';
ST> UDPSocket.Port :='1234';
ST> UDPSocket.Listen;
ST> Timer1.Enabled :=True;

ST> and on timer event there is code for sending broadcast data to notofy 
ST> others about existence:

ST> procedure TForm1.Timer1Timer(Sender: TObject);
ST> var
ST>   SendTo:TSockAddrIn;
ST>   LenSendTo:integer;
ST>   Data:string;
ST> begin
ST>   LenSendTo:=SizeOf(SendTo);
ST>   Data:='Test'+#0;
ST>   SendTo.sin_port :=htons(1234);
ST>   SendTo.sin_addr :=StrToInAddr('');
ST>   SendTo.sin_family :=AF_INET;
ST>   UDPSocket.SendTo(SendTo,LenSendTo,@Data[1],Length(Data));
ST> end;

ST> StrToInAddr is function that I found in mailing list.

ST> On receive even I have code from udplistener sample:

ST> var
ST>     Buffer : array [0..1023] of char;
ST>     Len    : Integer;
ST>     Src    : TSockAddrIn;
ST>     SrcLen : Integer;
ST> begin
ST>     SrcLen := SizeOf(Src);
ST>     Len    := WSocket.ReceiveFrom(@Buffer, SizeOf(Buffer), Src, SrcLen);
ST>     if Len >= 0 then begin
ST>           Buffer[Len] := #0;
ST>           listbox1.Items.Add(StrPas(Buffer));
ST>     end;
ST> end;

ST> Problem is that sending is ok (no error), but ondataavaliable event 
ST> never gets fired, so I'm assuming that nothing is sent.

ST> What am I doing wrong.

ST> P.S. I have been using ICS for awhile now and I think that this is most 
ST> stable component suite for networking. Keep the good work.

ST> Regards,

ST> Skok Tone

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