I suspect that's half the point.  Only like equipped users can
communicate.  Guess there could be a use in the financial or military
markets, or other intentionaly "closed" environments...   There again,
I'd also guess they have such systems implemented already?

Servers, nothing to stop you delivering directly, as many corporate
systems do already, ours included, so long as you know the IP or domain
address of course...   I suspect for the above type of users, regular
POP/SMTP/IMAP etc incompatability would not be a problem!

Have to say though, spam is primeraly user driven from personal
experience, from website form filling and so on.   And what happens when
a spammer gets hold of one of these secure mailer clients etc.

Wonder why PGP or Open GPG is not as popular as it could be?  There are
"plugins" that integrate OK with the likes of Outlook (ugh!)
Thunderbird, Pegasus etc...   Ah, of course, the powers that be, like to
watch what goes on....   Silly me...

Cheers..   I'll crawl back under my rock, it's a bit too bright out

Dave B.

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> Hello:
>       Also, if it is "not compatible with SMTP", how does 
> anybody outside your own mail server network get it?  And if 
> it does communicate with external SMTP servers in order to 
> inter-operate with other networks (otherwise, what's the 
> point in sending yourself e-mail?) then it *is* susceptible 
> to SPAM and abuse.
>       dZ.
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